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"Kriss-Laure" is a French family business created in 1996, specialized in nutritional, dietetic and sports products distribution. We also are "Kriss-Laure Europe", created in order to allow all other European consumers to get our products online.

The Kriss-Laure products, for which we have exclusive distribution, combine intelligence and pleasure of a balanced diet on a daily basis, to enable your body to obtain slimness, well-being and energy.

The Kriss-Laure ranges take advantage of permanent improvements to better meet the requirements of nutritionist doctors for an adapted diet to your individual situation.

Our company is French and our products are 100% made in France.

We have our own laboratory, control the entire design of our products and guarantee their traceability. Kriss-Laure products comply with French and European legislation and precisely meet every strict specifications.

Nutritionally well elaborated, our dietetic ranges have a moderate calorie content, only 134 to 145 kcal per meal preparation and offer on the other hand a satisfactory natural satiety effect.

Our products also have a favourable effect on problems mainly due to a dietary imbalance. According to the medical profession, 60 to 70% of our health problems are due to an imbalance in our traditional diet.
Our products are available in several ranges: The "L'ami de votre silhouette" range, which has made Kriss-Laure's lasting success in France since its creation, and two new ranges since 2019 : the premium Smartfood range "mon Smart Repas" and the sports drinks range "Krissport".

We are taking care of the customer service and logistics from our headquarters in Saint-Nazaire, at the mouth of the Loire River in the west of France (see on Google Maps). 

Local representatives can also introduce you to Kriss-Laure products and their benefits, as they already do in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Finland and Denmark. You can ask for a visioconference appointment to get more information! 

If you wish to know more about us, you can visit our french website :  www.kriss-laure.com.
Do not hesitate to contact-us. We will be pleased to meet all your expectations. 

Slimming Meals

Enriched and balanced meals containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All made from natural ingredients.


Isotonic drinks

A vitality drink, especially developed for your daily hydration. Ideal as an accompaniment for your low-calorie diet or during effort, for sports men and women.


Gourmet snack bars

The ideal nutritional supplement if you feel a little peckish!


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