Frequently Asked Questions

You will define, with one of our team members, which program suits you the best, depending on your goal.

Many products and flavours are available. Find them here.

Our products are elaborated by our team of engineers and doctors in nutrition. They contain proteins, glucids, fibers, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids... all the essential nutrients your body needs !

Consuming Kriss-Laure products means choosing a healthy and balanced diet, to provide your body with everything it needs. The powder makes it possible to obtain a perfectly balanced and dosed meal, and allows better preservation and assimilation of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and essential amino acids... The initial quality of the products is also preserved thanks to the manufacturing process (dehydration of fruits and vegetables without additives at low temperature, mixing and packaging technologies).

An important work of aromatization is made in order to offer a rich and subtle flavor, and guarantee an optimal consistency. The Kriss-Laure ranges offer many flavors with sweet and savoury notes, so you can have it daily without monotony.

In order to optimize your results, you will define with your Kriss-Laure coach the program that suits you the best. Kriss-Laure success and results do not only happen because of the quality of the products, but also because you take it regularly, on a daily basis. Your Kriss-Laure coach will support you throughout your program, offering you a free, personalised and adapted follow-up !

Kriss-Laure products are all gluten-free. The wheat fiber present in the products is purified in order to guarantee the absence of gluten.

One Kriss-Laure meal is 2.90€ if you subscribe and 3.54€ if you prefer to make a one time order or do not want to subscribe. The program duration will depend on your goal and the frequency of your consumption. All the information is available on our website and your Kriss-Laure coach can help you if you have any question.

In terms of Nutri-score, Kriss-Laure Shakes, Soups, Smart Meals and Tonic drinks are all rated “A”, the highest Nutri-score. The Nutri-score assigns a colored letter on the food packaging (the scale goes from A/green to E/red) according to its composition (nutrients and ingredients) for 100g of product. It is calculated by taking into account "negative" elements (saturated fatty acids, simple sugars and sodium, energy value) and "positive" elements (content of fruits & vegetables, fibers, proteins).

You can continue your treatment during a Kriss-Laure program without any problem. If you like to drink the Pink Grapefruit flavoured "Tonic", be aware that the grapefruit flavour can reduce the effect of medication. It may therefore be advisable to choose another flavour.

Kriss-Laure products are perfectly balanced, developed by engineers and doctors in Nutrition, and made in France in our own laboratory. You can safely consume them being pregnant.

Excepting the Coffee flavoured Shake, the Cappuccino flavoured shake and the Coffee flavoured "Tonic”, which provide the equivalent of a cup of coffee, Kriss-Laure products can be consumed as part of a low-caffeine diet.

You can adapt your meals according to your goal : if you start a slimming program, we recommend not to add supplements to your Kriss-Laure meals. If you really feel peckish, you can eat a healthy fruit, such as an apple, known for its satiety effect. You can also try our Kriss-Laure Gourmet Bar, specially developed to bring you pleasure and satiety. Being occupied by an activity can also be a nice option : reading, walking, playing some sports...

If you have a busy lifestyle, Kriss-Laure is made for you. More than a balanced meal, it will also be a time saver : all Kriss-Laure products can be prepared in two minutes and the "Idée Délice" creamy meal are ready to eat immediately.

Most of our products are complete and balanced meals, when other ranges meet different needs (KRISSPORT for sports performance, KRISSlife for immunity, etc.). Discover all Kriss-Laure products and their functions here.

Kriss-Laure products do not contain any synthetic ingredients, whatever the range. Each ingredient is of natural origin and has been specifically selected for its quality and nutritional effectiveness.

Kriss-Laure products are enriched with certain nutrients in order to provide everything the body needs. The regulations do not allow the qualification of "Organic" for enriched products. However, Kriss-Laure products contain ingredients of 100% natural origin, and no synthetic ingredients. Organic and natural should not be mixed up (example: natural salt is not organic).

While some traces of lactose may remain, its presence in Kriss-Laure products is really limited, in order to avoid discomfort and limit allergy problems.

Kriss-Laure products provide everything the body needs to be in good shape and health. Consuming Kriss-Laure products will bring you energy, vitality and well-being on a daily basis. Your Kriss-Laure coach will be able to propose you a personalised program, depending on your goal.

There is no best seller products as such, it all depends on your preferences and flavours you usually like. Your Kriss-Laure coach will be here to help you choosing the flavours.

Talk with your Kriss-Laure coach. Podcasts and video testimonials are available and you can be put in touch with other consumers if you want to share experiences. You can also find testimonials on our website.

You can choose to place your order and have it delivered at home or in a pickup point (depending your country and delivery options).

You can get a free and personalised support with your Kriss-Laure coach, who will make sure you get to your goal (you can ask for a weekly, monthly or another frequency follow up). Being adviced and call your coach when you need it will make a real difference in your program results.

All Kriss-Laure products are made in France, by Kriss-Laure. In 2008, the company invested in its own manufacturing and packaging laboratory, which means the products development is made throughout the chain, and thus guarantee their quality. A new very high-tech laboratory has also opened since beginning of 2022.

Kriss-Laure products exists since 1996. The Shakes & Soups ranges, as well as the "Tonic" drink, were the very first ranges launched by the brand. They still are the most popular ranges for consumers who want to feel and live better.

Kriss-Laure was created by Christine and Maurice Lelaure in 1996 in Saint-Nazaire, where is still located the Head office. It is a French family company developing innovative products that meet very strict specifications. In France, the Kriss-Laure products distribution is ensured by a network of independent distributors (all consumers). In Europe, the products are only available on our website. Follow-up and advice to consumers are provided directly by the Head office employees.