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Complete and perfectly balanced
Kriss-Laure products are developped by our nutritionists and are the result of in-depth studies and research based on physiological and nutritional needs, essential to our balance. Offering a healthy and balanced routine, meeting the body's nutritional needs.

A proven method
First of all, Kriss-Laure is not a diet, but a new habit to integrate into your daily life. As the days go by, you will find your well-being, energy, and the motivation to reach your goal! With Kriss-Laure you will be accompanied, according to your needs, by an advisor or by other consumers.

An affordable price
Kriss-Laure guarantees you a complete and balanced meal for less than 3,10€. Saving is guaranteed!

Excellent quality
Moreover, all Kriss-Laure products are exclusively made in France. A guarantee of maximum quality and permanently controlled.

Kriss-Laure offers different programs, depending on your needs.

Take advantage of personalised support and a tailor-made program established with your Kriss-Laure advisor. We know that everyone is unique, that is why we personalise our programs, according to your goals and needs !

Slimming Challenge

Wellness Challenge

Energy Challenge

Lose weight without hunger or fatigue Regain nutritional balance and health Regain efficiency in effort and vitality
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Consumer's Feedback

Who is better than our consumers to talk about our products ?

Consumer for 14 years

Valérie is a judoka and plays at national level. After 7 years of break, she returned to sports. Drinking Kriss-Laure Tonic and Krissport helped her come back to her best level.

VALERIE, 46 years old

Consumer for 13 years

« I gained energy and overall well-being. I became just a new person...». Marie-Andrée is consuming Kriss-Laure products twice a day. It has been significantly improving her digestion.

MARIE-ANDREE, 59 years old - November 2019

Consumer for 4 and a half years

« Many people actually happen to have some discomforts regarding health issues ». Fabienne recovered her level of well-being, vitality and energy by consuming Kriss-Laure products.

FABIENNE, 54 years old - November 2019

Consumer for a year and a half

Anne discovered Kriss-Laure products thanks to her husband, and lost 18 kilos in 3 months.

ANNE, 33 years old - November 2019

Consumer for 9 years

«Breakfasting was an issue for me before I met Kriss-Laure ». Ghislaine improved her morning diet thanks to Kriss-Laure : a balanced, simple, quick and easy to digest breakfast.

GHISLAINE, 59 years old - November 2019

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