Testimonios de Consumidores

VALERIE, 46 years old - November 2019

Consumer for 14 years

Valérie is a judoka and plays at national level. After 7 years of break, she returned to sports. Drinking Kriss-Laure Tonic and Krissport helped her come back to her best level.


MARIE-ANDREE, 59 years old - November 2019

Consumer for 13 years

« I gained energy and overall well-being. I became just a new person...». Marie-Andrée is consuming Kriss-Laure products twice a day. It has been significantly improving her digestion.


FABIENNE, 54 years old - November 2019

Consumer for 4 and a half years

« Many people actually happen to have some discomforts regarding health issues ». Fabienne recovered her level of well-being, vitality and energy by consuming Kriss-Laure products.


ANNE, 33 years old - November 2019

Consumer for a year and a half

Anne discovered Kriss-Laure products thanks to her husband, and lost 18 kilos in 3 months.


GHISLAINE, 59 years old - November 2019

Consumer for 9 years

«Breakfasting was an issue for me before I met Kriss-Laure ». Ghislaine improved her morning diet thanks to Kriss-Laure : a balanced, simple, quick and easy to digest breakfast.


PASCAL, 55 years old - May 2019

Consumer for 2 years

"I fell better inside and out". Pascal starded consuming Kriss-Laure products with his wife. He lors 23 kg in 8 months.


ANNE-SOPHIE, 29 years old - May 2019

Consumer for 1 month

"Kriss-Laure products are great for mums". Anne-Sophie has 3 young children. She found in Kriss-Laure products a real hepful way to come out of her marternal depression.



HELENE, 37 years old - May 2019

Consumer for 5 years

"It ends up to be less expensive to take Kriss-Laure products than to eat at the refectory, and I also save a lot of time !". Hélène is an active mother, she finds in Kriss-Laure products an easy solution to eat quickly and healthily.


CHRISTOPHER, 46 years old - May 2019

Consumer for more than 10 years

"It allows me to be able to train twice a day !". Christopher is a top-level athlete. He strated consumming the Kriss-Laure Tonic in order to get a good hydration while practicing his sport.


More feebacks :

  • NADIA, 45 years old - February 2021 - Consumer for 4 years

"I would recommend to anyone looking for something simple and complete.

I found out about the products from a consumer who wanted to offer me a solution to treat my psoriasis, which has been present since I was 16. I had seen several dermatologists who made me buy creams and shampoos that were not reimbursed and were not very effective. My husband encouraged me to try it, saying that even if it didn't work, at least it would nourish me. I have been eating 2 meals a day (Entremets or Soup) + Le Tonic for 4 years. The first week, I had a total disappearance of my itching. After 6/8 months of consumption, my psoriasis disappeared completely.
Other positive effects appeared, the nails do not break any more, my hair does not split any more, very little sinusitis in winter period
and a reduction of my weight. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for something simple and complete."


  • SANDRINE, 55 years old - February 2021 - Consumer for 2 years

"I lost 10 kg in 4 months. I have regained the vitality of my 20s.

I have been using Kriss-Laure since April 2019, I went from a 40 to a 36 in pant size. I have lost 10 kg in 4 months. I have no more hot flashes, no more mouth ulcers, no more cervical osteoarthritis and knee pain after 4 operations. I was able to resume sport. I have regained the vitality of my 20 years.
Since I use Kriss-Laure no more angina or colds in winter.
I have regained all my well-being and my life before THANK YOU Kriss-Laure."


  • EMMANUELLE, 50 years old - February 2021 - Consumer for 2 years

"Right from the start I felt the benefits of this excellent diet on my health. And to top it all off, I lost 24 kilos.

I met Kriss-Laure through a friend who had just started a slimming program. At the time, I weighed 102 kilos and I was ashamed of myself and my body! From the start, I felt the benefits of this excellent diet on my health.

Indeed, I have an auto-immune disease, myasthenia, which is responsible for a great muscular weakness which worsens with effort. I couldn't, for example, walk for more than 10 minutes without becoming very weak and it took me several days to recover as soon as I did a little more than usual. For the past 2 years, and even before I lost a lot of weight
, I have been walking at least 1 hour almost every day and I am in great shape! I've even started cycling! And with the help of the Isotonic drink, I don't even have aches and pains! I have no more aches and pains and I don't take painkillers anymore.

And, the icing on the cake, I lost 24 kilos in a little over 3 years! I've regained my punch and my joie de vivre! Now I'm trying to share this 'great thing' with all the people I like and with whom I'd love to share my joy of life! Wellness is within everyone's reach with Kriss-Laure but not everyone knows it yet!
Thanks to Amélie for sharing this treasure with me and thanks also to Morgane, my super "coach" for all the advice she gives me day after day."


  • JULIE, 29 years old - February 2021 - Consumer for 8 days

"I started eight days ago and the results are already there.

Convinced by friends and family of the effectiveness of KRISS-LAURE, I easily took the step. I started 8 days ago and the results are already there. Energy, tone, sleep and weight: - 2.1 kg in one week, - 3 cm hip circumference, - 2 cm waist circumference. - 2 % of fat mass, + 1 % of water mass and finally + 2 % of muscle mass and all this without any real effort. I am more than ever convinced of the benefits of KRISS-LAURE and motivated to continue this new way of eating.


  • LOÏC, 24 years old - January 2021 - Consumer for 10 months

"I do a 45 mins cardio session once a week. After 35 - 40 mins I was out of breath. Since I started using Krissport, I can easily do 45 minutes. No more shortness of breath.

I met Kriss-Laure thanks to a Krissport stand in a gym and I've been using it for 10 months.

I do weight training 10 times a week (one session at lunchtime, another in the evening). At first, I wanted to improve my endurance and my sports performance. Then I wanted to lose weight, my body fat.

As for my endurance, I do a 45 minute cardio session once a week. After 35 - 40 mins, I was out of breath. Since I have been using Krissport, I can easily do 45 minutes. No more shortness of breath.

As far as weight loss is concerned, I have lost 6 kilos in 3 months thanks to the Smart Meals, Tonic and Entremets. The pull-ups became easier. After 6 months, I switched to a single Kriss-Laure meal (Smart Meals) and I have not gained any weight back.

About my lunchtime workout, I was short of breath and ate industrial food. Sports fatigue + digestion = a difficult afternoon of work. Now the afternoon of work is easier because I don't have the fatigue from the sport or the fatigue from digestion."


  • FRANCOISE, 55 years old - January 2021 - Consumer for 5 and a half years

"It's up to everyone to test Kriss-Laure and make up their own mind, it's really worth it.

In February 2015, after months of pain and suffering, when I could no longer put one foot in front of the other, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. The rheumatic joints stretched from my chest to the tips of my feet. Crutches and a wheelchair became indispensable for my movements. Under the care of a rheumatologist, I was prescribed a heavy treatment, namely a weekly injection of anti-inflammatory drugs (anti-TNF). This type of treatment weakens the immune system with all the risks that this can cause in case of infection.

My parents, so unhappy to see me in this state, had the opportunity to attend a Kriss-Laure information and put me in touch with the Kriss-Laure network. Starting in April 2015, the Kriss-Laure adventure began by consuming two Kriss-Laure meals daily and about 6 doses of Tonic per day. Moreover, this gluten-free and lactose-free diet recommended by my naturopath met my expectations. In just a few months, I was back in shape, dynamic, vital and in good spirits! A sportswoman at heart since I was young, I was able to take up sport again (cycling and swimming), which was great! My pains were largely eradicated in 3 months of consumption, the first objective of my Kriss-Laure program. I have also lost about ten kilos, regained a beautiful figure, not to mention all the other benefits such as the discomfort of constipation and urinary infection.

Considering these clear improvements, initially, the rheumatologist reduced my anti-inflammatory dosage by 50% and then stopped the treatment completely in March 2019. Sure, ankylosing spondylitis is lifelong, but no more inflammation! The Kriss-Laure Excellence Diet has "fixed" me and provided all the daily nutritional balance my body needs. A few very minor aches and pains from time to time, but without any consequences on my life, which has regained its meaning. We are all different, we all have different pathologies or discomforts. It is up to each of us to make our own experience by testing Kriss-Laure and to make our own opinion, it is really worth it. I tried it, adopted it and became addicted to well-being!"


  • MICHEL, 63 years old - January 2021 - Consumer for 11 years

"I found a comfortable life.

I started using KRISS-LAURE products in September 2009 for my well-being. After 6 months of consumption, my blood balance is perfect. I had an open heart operation at the age of 7 and a pacemaker at the age of 36. I was on anticoagulants for more than 20 years. After 3 and a half years of consumption (every day) of KRISS-LAURE, my cardiologist stopped the anticoagulant which was a pleasant surprise and a beautiful unexpected victory for me. I found a comfort of life.

As I particularly like convivial moments, my consumption of KRISS-LAURE has enabled me to manage them better and, "icing on the cake", to lose 10 kgs.

Life is really beautiful with KRISS-LAURE."


  • NATHALIE, 46 years old - December 2020 - Consumer for 1 month

"After a week, my belly deflated. I'm in good spirits again. I'm not frustrated.

Initial goals: to be less tired physically and morally. I was feeling flabby and drained of energy.

Results after 3 days of use (2 Entremets per day, a classic meal, 4 doses of Tonic during the day): clear improvement of the transit. Better comfort on this point. After one week, my stomach has deflated. I'm in good spirits again. I am not frustrated. I appreciate the taste and texture of Kriss-Laure meals, which I find delicious.

Finally, I stopped chewing gum all day long without realizing it. And I hardly drink milk anymore."


  • ANTOINE, 31 years old - November 2020 - Consumer for 2 years

"I never imagined that it would have an effect on my epilepsy and reduce my seizures, and yet!

I have been using KL since November 2018. I work out and also have epilepsy.

I eat a regular meal and Tonic in concentrate morning, noon and evening as well as before and after my sports session and after my physiotherapy. I'm really in better shape and I find this meal super practical and easy to digest.

This healthy diet and especially this isotonic drink allows me to manage my epileptic seizures, in this case I managed to avoid 2 in 2019 and 1 in 2020 while I was averaging 1 per quarter before.

I never imagined that this could have an effect on my epilepsy and reduce my seizures, and yet!

Thanks to Nadia, my KL advisor, for talking to me and giving me a flyer in the sports shop where I work.

I can only suggest that you give your body time to recharge, to simply live better with your body.

It's a real comfort to live in."


  • ALINE, 44 years old - November 2020 - Consumer for 12 years

"The Kriss-Laure diet has LITERALLY changed my life!!!

I discovered Kriss-Laure's products when I was a greengrocer.

It is a customer who told me that he was consuming a balanced diet that allowed him to eat what he wanted and this is what appealed to me because I have an autoimmune disease "Behçet". This disease is permanently deficient in vitamins and trace elements, which causes me permanent mouth ulcers with fever and transit problems (diarrhea up to 14 times a day).

I went 14 years without eating raw fruit or vegetables, fatigue, aches and pains in my joints with the onset of rheumatism.

I almost lost my eyesight 3 times (uveitis and ocular herpes), not to mention my hair, dry skin, brittle nails... The list was very long!

The Kriss-Laure diet has LITERALLY changed my life!!!

I don't know what aphthae are anymore, my transit was regulated after 6 months of consumption at a rate of 2 meals a day with the Tonic,

After 1 year, I was able to eat everything I wanted, raw or cooked. I don't feel tired anymore, nor do I feel pain.

Beware, I am not cured! I have an autonomy of 4 days with only one KL meal and my discomforts come back. However, for the last 12 years I have not taken any treatment, I have a form and an energy that I never had before, which allows me to do outdoor sports (sailing, swimming in the sea, technical hiking and indoor climbing).

I live and eat like everyone else.

For me, Kriss-Laure has become a way of life.

Testing for 3 weeks in a lifetime is short and yet it allowed me to extend it for a very long time and dare to have projects and dreams..."


  • JEAN-PIERRE, 73 years old - November 2020 - Consumer for 5 ? years

"I started for energy and to get back to my healthy weight so I could be at my best for my sports activities.

I met Kriss-Laure through a friend.

I started for energy and to get back to my healthy weight in order to be at my best for my sports activities (cycling).

I lost 10 kg in 4 months and I noticed a better recovery, more endurance without cramp.

Suffering from high blood pressure for 5 years, I took a pill every morning.

After 2 and a half months of KL consumption, my doctor decided to stop it because my blood pressure had become stable and normal.

So the pill is gone, the weight is stabilized and life is good!"


  • HELENE, 38 years old - October 2020 - Consumer for 3 and a half years

"I remember thinking, 'I have nothing to lose by trying. It can't hurt me anyway.

At the age of 34, I became ill. I suddenly lost control of my legs and was given a devastating diagnosis, multiple sclerosis. As a mother of two girls, ages 2 and 4, my world fell apart.

The following year was very difficult for me. I couldn't walk for very long, I had pain everywhere, constant tingling in my legs, no muscle strength and extreme fatigue. On top of that came depression and anxiety attacks.

After a year, I began to accept that I could not change things, that there was no turning back and that I had to learn to live with this "unforeseen event" as best I could. I did a lot of research to find ways to improve my daily life. I then turned to hypnosis to heal the mind, and diet to heal the body.

I knew about Kriss-Laure products because my parents had been using them for 15 years. They told me about the many positive testimonials from people in my situation. I remember saying to myself "I have nothing to lose by trying it. It can't hurt me anyway.

So here I am, off on an adventure! Gradually, my pains have diminished. My fatigue became less overwhelming, then quite bearable until it was just a bad memory.

I've learned to listen to myself and I adapt my Tonic intake according to my activities and my shape. I've returned to my job at 80% and I've gradually started doing sport again. It's a great victory!

Today I am doing very well. I have a lot of energy, I am active and my daughters have found their old mum.

Kriss-Laure is part of my daily life and I could not do without her benefits.

My disease is still there but it's like 'sleeping' and doesn't stop me from living a very good life."


  • CLEMENT, 22 years old - October 2020 - Consumer for 12 years

"I started to use Kriss-Laure for slimming when I was in CM2 (at the age of 10) and in two months I lost 7 cm of waist and 7 kg. I knew the products thanks to my parents who use them.

Since then, I eat the Entremets in the morning and the Tonic every day for vitality and well-being. I also occasionally eat an Idée Délice or Kriss-Laure Soup in the evening because it's simpler and more digestible."


  • MARYSE, 67 years old - October 2020 - Consumer for 21 years 

"All my health problems during the first 6 months were quickly alleviated until they totally disappeared for many years, not to mention the fact that this program allowed me to regain my youthful size, the icing on the cake!

I started my Kriss-Laure consumption, advised by my sister, 21 years ago.

Following an early menopause, I had become a chronic migraine sufferer with nausea and that on a daily basis, osteoporosis set in, not to mention the lost sleep and repetitive lumbagos.

Following the advice, I consumed twice a day the Kriss-Laure meals and 1.5 litres of water with 4 to 5 measures of Tonic. To this day, I still continue at the same frequency.

All my health problems during the first 6 months were quickly alleviated until they totally disappeared for many years, not to mention the fact that this program allowed me to regain my youthful size, the icing on the cake!

It's wonderful to be in shape as the years go by.

Kriss-Laure is all about "staying young and getting older!" 


  • GENEVIEVE, 73 years old - October 2020 - Consumer for 12 years

I feel better at 73 than I did 12 years ago!

Thanks to my friends for not pushing it and letting me be ready to start."

"I feel better at 73 than I did 12 years ago!

On the occasion of the 2010 greetings, a couple of friends came to visit us.

I was severely handicapped: overweight, osteoarthritis, sciatica, low back pain, resulting in a state of sadness. I stopped working and was fired for physical incompetence.

As we talked, he suggested a solution to relieve my discomfort. My answer was NO and he did not insist, great!

A week after thinking about it, I call them back. On January 10, I start the test program.

The results were quick:

1 kg per week at first (currently 17 kg loss). A newfound dynamism. Decreased osteoarthritis pain. Improved rapid transit.
  • SERGE, 67 years old - September 2020 - Consumer for 4 months

"Within the first two weeks of using KRISS-LAURE products, I noticed a clear reduction in joint pain, not to say its disappearance.

After four months now, I've lost 10 kilograms, I'm back to my normal weight and I feel great."


  • ISABELLE, 56 years old - September 2020 - Consumer for 11 years

"TheKriss-Laure diet has been part of my daily life for 11 years. At the time I had 5 kilos to lose.

As a regular runner and cyclist, those pounds weighed on me in every sense of the word.

When I started the program, I quickly felt more vitality, my good mood returned and I felt much more zen. The impatience in my legs disappeared and the weight was lifted.

In the Kriss-Laure diet, I found a real compromise that allows me to freely eat foods that I had forbidden myself for years.

Today, after 11 years, I am still the same weight, despite the menopause that came along!

For a year now, I have been using Krissport during my sports activities, especially cycling. We are several cyclists to ride together, to have tested it and made the same observation: Less muscle "burn" during sustained efforts, better endurance and better recovery. The best!" 


  • PATRICIA, 59 years old - September 2020 - Kriss-Laure consumer for 8 years

"Kriss-Laure consumer for 8 years after a cancer. This excellent nutrition allowed me to rebuild myself physically and psychologically after this illness.

The discomforts related to chemotherapy treatment and thoracic surgery, dissipated after several months of consumption (pain, sleep disorders, impatience in the legs, fatigue, depression).

I also lost 2 clothing sizes and about 10 kilos.

My life goal is "Let my food be my only medicine", to date, I have reached my goal, everything is fine, I have recovered my self-healing power, I am in perfect health, and I feel better than I did 10 years ago.

I came to the activity at my own pace, because our choices are respected by this company, which is exceptional in its generosity and competence, and which is always accompanied and surrounded by a wonderful team.



  • ARMELLE, 49 years old - September 2020 - Consumer for 15 years

"I have been using Kriss-Laure products for 15 years, initially for daily fatigue due to deficiencies in my body.

By eating the Kriss-Laure meals and the Tonic, I quickly (within a few days) regained vitality and dynamism.

And over the months, my high cholesterol level has normalized, I no longer lose my hair, I no longer have sore legs and acne-free skin. I have regained digestive comfort." 


  • AURORE, 35 years old - September 2020 - Consumer for 12 years

"I have been using Kriss-Laure products since 2008, initially for weight loss following a pregnancy.

I lost 15 kg in 3 months. I was very happy with my results, I thought I would stop using it, but in the end I continued to use it because the benefits to my health quickly became apparent.

I have had Raynaud's Syndrome since I was 20 years old (it is a poor circulation of blood in the extremities of the hands and feet). I suffered from joint pain, muscle pain, tingling and cramps.

When I started, I started to feel the benefits. So I talked to my doctor and he said that if I felt good I could stop taking my blood thinners. Today I live without pain. The syndrome is still there because in summer and winter my hands and feet are blue or even white but I don't suffer anymore.

I have also had results with my constipation which has disappeared, better sleep and above all I will not stop this diet because I no longer have pain related to my monthly period.

I also had a treatment for 11 years for my heart that I was supposed to take for life and this summer my cardiologist stopped it all by telling me that my heart was fine and that I didn't need it anymore. I don't know if it's because of this diet, it's just a nice reward to eat healthy and balanced with this range of products I think.

I give it to my 13 year old son who consumes more for his balanced diet and to prevent him from getting sick. He has been taking it since he was 3 years old, on the advice of his pediatrician, because he had problems with constipation and weight gain.

This food is part of our daily diet because it gives us health and energy. Thank you to my older sister for introducing me to this program because today I would still be on medication. I think a lot of people should try it and find out all the benefits they can feel on their body.

Good start to all those curious about well-being. Aurora." 


  • ANGELIQUE, 49 years old - September 2020 - Consumer for 12 years

"I learned about Kriss-Laure Food in late 2018 through my parents.

Suffering from an autoimmune disease since the end of 2008, I underwent a major surgery that left me with 8 years of chest pain for which the medical profession was neither able to explain the cause nor how to solve it...except to have me reoperated to remove the steel wires surrounding my sternum.

I attended an information meeting in Cholet where I heard incredible testimonies... and decided to test this food "the friend of your silhouette".

After 3 weeks of consumption, at a rate of 2 KL meals (Entremets for breakfast and soups for dinner) per day accompanied by the Tonic drink, I realize that my pains have diminished a lot (I often handle heavy equipment for my professional activity). I was very tired, I had started to lose my hair, I slept very badly... I was almost on the verge of burnout!

Thanks to this diet, I sleep much better, my hair loss has returned to normal, I have found an energy that I had not known since the beginning of my disease ... and icing on the cake, I lost 10 kg in about 5 months, without fatigue, without frustration, without deprivation. I have reconciled myself with food, I am allowed to have excesses that will have no impact on my figure because the KL diet allows me to control them. My iron level is gradually rising, my hormonal system is also regulating itself...

The Kriss-Laure diet is a French, balanced diet that is good for my body and my mind and that I can't do without today. I have found a figure that reflects an image of myself that suits me and allows me to love myself.

Life is good with Kriss-Laure!" 


  • VANESSA, 43 years old - September 2020 - Consumer for 10 years

"I have been using KRISS-LAURE products for 10 years and I am completely satisfied with the results I have obtained in accordance with my weight gain objective! (+6 kg of muscle mass).

I consumed the meals in addition to my traditional diet to make up for my deficiencies.

Following a regular consumption, I quickly said goodbye to fever blisters, urinary infections, and eczema that I had since early childhood, I stopped my cortisone treatment, in agreement with my doctor. My immune system is strengthened because I no longer visit it being very rarely if ever sick again...my food and spring allergies are well mitigated, so I no longer need Ventolin at this time."


  • CHRYSTELLE, 53 years old - September 2020 - Consumer for 9 weeks

"Kriss-Laure consumer for 9 weeks, suffering from multiple sclerosis.

I started the program to lose the pounds I had accumulated during these four years of illness and descent into hell. Pain, weight gain, edema, depression, fatigue.

In a few days, my swelling was gone, in two or three weeks my pain was less severe and the fog in my head disappeared.

I have energy, lost more than 12 kg, I can drive again, I walk every morning and go to the pool to do laps.

Background treatment allergy gone. Two arm tendonitises almost gone. No more acid reflux, no more stomach aches."


  • ALAIN, 70 years old - September 2020 - Consumer for 12 years

"November 2008, I decided to take care of the 15 kg I was carrying around. At 1.63 m tall and 59 years old, I decided that it was high time to take an interest in diet products.

After consulting the internet and specialized magazines, I meet a friend who hands me a document directly related to my research. I read it and answer by ticking the boxes to be filled in. Invited to an information and tasting session of the said product, I left convinced that I had met the right person and the right program. 1 week after starting the program, I lost 1.5 kg, my heartburn and stomach upsets disappeared.

A few weeks later, the weight loss continued, the aches and pains in the legs (Willis-Ekbom disease) had practically disappeared. At the seventh month of assiduous consumption, the extra 15 kg were forgotten. I had regained vitality, less stress, a better mood, a deep sleep and, as I was driving a lot, a hitherto unequalled comfort of digestion.

Today, Kriss-Laure food is still part of my daily meals, two a day, to preserve my well-being and the Tonic drink follows me everywhere in my sports efforts to preserve my vitality."